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ETFmatic is the most tailored, tax aware and cost efficient investment solution available online in Europe. Our state of the art technology enables us to manage bespoke investment Portfolios for each of your investment goals. Having removed layers of unnecessary intermediaries, we deliver a complete service at a fraction of the cost of what others do.

We do this by offering investors ETFs, financial investments that provide more transparency, liquidity and cost efficiency than conventional Mutual Funds. As of today it is a growing 3 trillion dollar industry.

Every time you add savings to your account we automatically rebalance your portfolio to your individual preferences. You don’t need to worry about updating spreadsheets, hidden fees or paying unnecessary taxes.

How does it work?

To create a new goal, for example investing in your children’s future education or saving for retirement, select a Starter Portfolio or build a personalized Investment plan that will evolve with your needs.

Then, just sit back, relax and start saving. We can automatically direct debit savings you want to invest on a regular basis or you can send individual bank transfers at any point, whatever works best for you.

To experience how ETFmatic can help you achieve your financial goals, try a simulation with unlimited virtual funds, or open a live account in Euros or Pounds to start saving now.

ETFmatic is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs backed by seasoned experts and finance professors from INSEAD and Cambridge.

Our service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, who supervises that your savings are invested according to your desires and risk profile. And because we select commonly traded ETFs from the largest issuers, such as Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock, you obtain more transparency than other options can guarantee. Your investments are held by Saxo Bank and covered by European protection schemes with the standard conditions.

ETFmatic accounts are now available in 17 European countries; start yours today at or with our mobile App

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